Core Test module in AUTOSAR – CorTst

In this article we will discuss about the Core Test Module in AUTOSAR. Core Test Driver is a part of the MCAL layer in the AUTOSAR architecture and provides tests to verify core functionalities. Core Test helps to verify CPU Registers, Interrupt Controller, Arithmetic and Logic Unit, Memory Interfaces, Cache Controller and others. Core Test […]

Gateway in AUTOSAR

In this article, we will discuss about the Gateway in AUTOSAR. Gateway is a feature in which a Signal, a Signal Group or a PDU received from one source bus is transmitted over another destination bus. The gatewaying of Signal, Signal group or PDU can be over two buses communicating over a same or different […]

Diagnostic Event Manager in AUTOSAR

The Diagnostic Event Manager (DEM) handles and stores the events detected by diagnostic monitors in both Software Components (SW-Cs) and Basic software (BSW) modules. The stored event information is available through an interface to other BSW modules or SW-Cs. Diagnostic Event is the status (pass/fail) of a system under test for a set of test […]

Diagnostic Communication Manager module in AUTOSAR – DCM

In this article, we will discuss the Diagnostic Communication Manager (DCM) module in AUTOSAR. The DCM module ensures and manages the flow of diagnostic data along with diagnostic sessions and security states. The DCM module services the request only after checking whether the requested service is supported under the active the diagnostic session and under […]

Diagnostic Modules in AUTOSAR

In this article, we will have an overview of the modules which are part of the Diagnostic Services in AUTOSAR. These include Diagnostic Communication Manager (Communication Services), Diagnostic Event Manager (System Services), Function Inhibition Manager (System Services) and Development Error Tracer (System Services). Diagnostic Communication Manager (DCM) DCM modules manages the diagnostic data flow, diagnostic […]

ECU Manager Module in AUTOSAR – ECUM

In this article we will discuss about the ECUM (ECU Manager)module, which is responsible for, Initialization and de-initialization of basic software drivers, BswM, SchM and the OS. Recent versions of of AUTOSAR do allow minimum initialization by ECUM and the remaining part is initialized by the BSWM module. Configuration of SLEEP and SHUTDOWN for the […]