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In this article we will discuss about the Core Test Module in AUTOSAR. Core Test Driver is a part of the MCAL layer in the AUTOSAR architecture and provides tests to verify core functionalities. Core Test helps to verify CPU Registers, Interrupt Controller, Arithmetic and Logic Unit, Memory Interfaces, Cache Controller and others.

Core Test can be executed either as a Foreground or as a Background test. If executed as a Foreground test it shall be called by an application, should be synchronous and should not be interrupted. If configured to run as a Background test it should be called periodically by a scheduler and can be interrupted by a higher priority task.

Core test is a set of partial tests such that each partial test has to be executed at once. Partial tests are atomic i.e. each test has to execute at once without getting interrupted. Each partial test is a set of atomic sequence to verify a units functionality.

CorTst_MainFunction has to be scheduled to execute the Core Test as a background test. CorTst_MainFunction will test all the configured core entities.


PDU Gateway

Core Test is executed as a Foreground test by calling the function CorTst_Start as and when required.

Test completed callback notification can be configured to be called when the complete set of partial tests have been completed in the Background test.

As the functionality of the Core is best known by the silicon manufacturer, the Core test module is best implemented by the silicon manufacturer. The delivered software can then configured for the tests to be executed. Core Test module in AUTOSAR provides a configurable parameter for activating/deactivating each of the tests like Address test, ALU test, Cache test, Interrupt test, Memory test, MPU test, Register test.

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