Communication Services (ComStack CANTP) in AUTOSAR – Part 3

In this article we will discuss about the interaction between the modules like the PDU Router(Services Layer), CAN Transport Layer(Services Layer), CAN Interface(ECU Abstraction Layer) and CAN Driver(MCAL Layer). This article will be more focused towards CanTp module as the other modules are discussed in the previous articles. But will touch up on the other […]

Communication Services (ComStack CAN) in AUTOSAR – Part 2

In this article we will discuss about the communication services in AUTOSAR w.r.t. CAN protocol. Generic functionality of AUTOSAR COM and PduR module is explained in the previous article. In this article I will limit myself to CAN Interface(CanIf) and CAN Driver(CanDrv) modules. Other modules of ComStack pertaining to CAN protocol will be explained in […]

Communication Services (ComStack) in AUTOSAR – Part 1

Communication Stack in AUTOSAR is a set of modules like COM (Services Layer), PDU Router(Services Layer), Bus Specific Interface Modules (ECU Abstraction Layer) e.g. CanIf, LinIf, FrIf, etc., External Bus Drivers (ECU Abstraction Layer), Internal Bus Drivers (MCAL Layer). Modules listed here are very basic modules in the Communication Stack. There are modules like the […]

Memory Services (MemStack) in AUTOSAR – Part 2

In this article the topic of discussion is the ECU Abstraction Layer and the MCAL Layer with respect to the Memory Services (MemStack) in AUTOSAR. ECU Abstraction Layer for Memory Services consists of modules like Memory Interface (MemIf), Flash EEPROM Emulation(Fee) and EA(EEPROM Abstraction), External Flash Driver and External EEPROM driver. MCAL Layer consists of […]

Memory Services (MemStack) in AUTOSAR – Part 1

Memory Stack in AUTOSAR layered architecture is a set of modules like Non-Volatile Memory Manager – NvM(Services Layer), Memory Interface – MemIf(ECU Abstraction Layer), Flash EEPROM Emulation – Fee(ECU Abstraction Layer), EEPROM Abstraction – Ea(ECU Abstraction Layer), Flash Driver – Fls(MCAL Layer) and EEPROM Driver – Eep(MCAL Layer) providing basic memory management services to the […]

Watchdog Services in AUTOSAR

Watchdog Services is a set of modules in the AUTOSAR layered architecture wherein modules like Watchdog Manager(Services Layer), Watchdog Interface(ECU Abstraction Layer) and Watchdog Driver(MCAL Layer) provide services for monitoring the timing and the correctness of execution of an entity in the application and basic software. It avoids the system from resetting if no failure […]